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A Beautiful Scene in Shanghai- FIC 2011

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-03-26

FIC 2011 was held in March 23rd to 25th ,2011 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. FIC is the Asia's largest and most professional international exhibition of food additives and ingredients brand. The exhibition has attracted wide attention and active participation from global companies in the industry. This year, there were around 1,000 leading enterprises gathered together, including 240 famous overseas enterprises and the exhibition covered over 50,000 square meters.
As the largest professional sucralose manufacturer in China , JK Sucralose Inc. attached great importance on this exhibition. JK Sucralose Inc. hoped that through this exhibition the company's brand image can be displayed and promoted. And the company also expected the sucralose as the health sweetener be more widely known and used. Lots of important corporate leaders attended this exhibition, including: General Manager Alex AN and Executive Vice General Manager Jinshan WU; Global Marketing Director Hongmei YANG and Beijing Sales Team; JK USA General Manager Hugh ZHANG and Vice General Manager Florey YE; JK Europe CEO Leo Hokke and JK Europe sales team members; representatives from JK Japan and India.
The FIC 2011 attracted both new and old customers to JK Sucralose Inc. Booth from not only Europe and USA but also South America and Asia Pacific Area. They expressed great interests in developing business with JK and asked a lot of questions on JK Sucralose. JK team passionately attended all of the potential customers, and provided them detailed answers of product-related questions. JK makes they have a new understanding of sucralose and great confidence in the future of sucralose market. The designed capacity of 4,000 tons of JK makes the customers believe in JK and believe in a common vision: create a healthy and sweet life together.


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