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2011FIA & CPHI exhibition was held successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-06-24

The 13th Food Ingredients Asia China (FIA) was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 21 to June 23, 2011. The show, held alongside with 13th Health Ingredient and Natural Ingredient Expo China (HI, NI) and 11th CPHI China. These expositions have attracted wide attention and active participation of more than 40,000 buyers over the 3-day show, from both the local and the global food and nutraceutical market, from 108 countries.

As the biggest sucralose manufacture enterprise in China, JK Sucralose Inc has, by virtue of the international exposition resources of FIA and CPHI — the one-stop purchasing platform of food ingredient, health and natural ingredient, chemical pharmaceutical ingredient and nutritional healthcare product, proactively promoted the health sweetener sucralose in the market while represented the brand image of JK at the same time. JK team attended the exhibition included the marketing and sales team leading by Global Marketing Director Yang Hongmei; Wu Jinshan, the Executive Vice General Manager of JK; Hugh Zhang, the General Manager of JK USA; Leo, CEO of JK Europe and Ed, the Sales Director of JK Europe.

The JK team warmly welcomed clients from local and global and gave detailed and patient answers to their queries which helped clients gain further understanding to sucralose products and deep understanding to the sucralose market. At the exhibition scene, JK’s novel and unique booth won high praise from the audience. Meanwhile, the organizer of FIA and CPHI paid close attention to JK’s development in recent years. During the exhibition, 2 days Show Daily extensively and continuously reported about the designed long-term 4000 ton’s capacity expansion project of JK.

Buyers from the US, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific region were showing great interests to the sucralose products produced by JK during the exhibition. Visitors from Asia Pacific region are especially interested, and there were also needs for sucralose products in pharmaceutical grade. They came up to JK’s booth, consulted about the sucralose products of JK, met with JK’s Sales Managers and showed their wish to develop the business actively. JK Sales Managers answered the clients patiently and strengthened their full confidence to future sucralose market. JK’s strategic of designed long-term capacity of 4000 tons expansion project made the clients believe that they can build a healthy and happy life together with JK Sucralose Inc.

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