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JK Sucralose Inc. pass Chinese Commodity Inspection Bureau and Regasted

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2008-11-21

November 2, 2008 JK Sucralose Inc. was audited by China Commodity Inspection Bureau of Jiangsu Province in all aspects of manufacturing safe and sanitary status in accordance with the requirement of food producing. Though the quality management system inspection, product quality measurement and on-site supervision, the purpose of this auditing is to determine whether the products meet export commodity inspection of the conditions of final release. The conclusion is excellent after the Bureau audited quality department, producing technique department, GMP packing workshop, administration office, finished product warehouse and etc. Inspection team detailed audited external file management, internal audit, management assessment, evaluation and disposition of substandard products, customer satisfaction, quality feedback, contract review, product quality analysis, product warehouse supervision, implementation of processing documents, on-site management, sign and other aspects of production. Now JK Sucralose Inc. has been completely accepted and get access to China Commodity Inspection bureau of Jiangsu Province issued registration. However we are the first Sucralose manufacturer in China achieving sanitation registration from Chinese Commodity Inspection Burea


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