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JK held press conference on the celebration of the first anniversary of JK's won the ITC337 Investigation

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2010-04-09

JK Voluntary Intervention in and Overwhelmingly Wining ITC337 Investigation  and Successful Implementation of Global Market Layout Strategy
In memory of the first anniversary of JK’s winning the ITC337 Investigation as the sole Chinese party who initiatively Intervened therein
On April 7, 2010, with Jiangsu Department of Commerce, Sheyang County Party Committee and Sheyang County People’s Government as the sponsors, Sheyang Economic Development Area and JK Sucralose Inc. (“JK”) as the hosts, the press release of “Initiative Intervention in and overwhelmingly wining of the ITC litigation and successful carrying out of the global market layout strategy—in memory of the first anniversary of JK’s winning the ITC litigation as the sole Chinese party who initiatively participated therein” was held at Jinling Hotel, Nanjing, Jiangsu.
The very day a year ago, JK initiatively participated in and overwhelmingly won the USA ITC337 Investigationin and held a press release. With the guiding ideology of “make investment in law; expand the market through investment in law and finance the investment in law through market expansion”, JK successfully took the initiative in the legal action. JK believes that “investment prepares and expense remedies”. It is the first time that Chinese enterprise realized overwhelmingly wining in 337 Investigation in a true sense, not only in the sense of legal action but also in that of market. Through the development in the last year, JK has substantially completed the global market layout strategy in 2009, expanded the international market space significantly, and achieved the targets of realizing sales income of more than RMB100,000,000 and both profit & tax and foreign currency earning through exports of more than RMB10,000,000. JK is the first Chinese enterprise which initiatively participated in and overwhelming won an international IP litigation, and the action was named as the first case which topped the 2009 Ten Classical IP Cases in China.
With the challenge of the once-in-a-century global financial crisis and the environment of increasingly intensified conflicts of the international trading, and under the context of decrease of most the Chinese export-oriented enterprises in export performance, JK successfully made a breakthrough in the monopoly of the English company, strengthened the development of international market and promoted the sales significantly: since July of 2009, the market share occupied by JK products has been increased dramatically and the demand thereof has already exceeded the supply; the sales income has increased by 80%; the income of direct export by JK in 2009 amounted to more than USD10,000,000, with a year-over-year increase rate of 96%.The actual realized sales in 2009 was more than 150 tons. Our market covers 80 countries in five continents, and the sales in all regions over-fulfilled the targets set at the beginning of 2009.
In response to the increasingly growing market demand and in order to prepare for the up-scale plan, JK commenced the preparatory work for the Phase II Project in 2009, which is expected to be put into pilot production in July, 2010.In consideration of the breakthrough made in sucralose market, JK is now actively preparing for Phase III Project, and the annual production capacity is scheduled to be increased to 1,200 tons by 2013 and 4,000 tons by 2020.
It is reported that original and meaningful ceremony was hold during the press release. Director-General Chen of Jiangsu Department of Commerce, and Secretary Xu of Sheyang County Party Committee hosted the opening ceremony as witness of the development of JK; Director Ding of Fair Trading Bureau under Jiangsu Department of Commerce and Mr. Wu Kun, Chairman of JK, jointly poured wine into a pattern engraved with JK’ logo, which embodied the sound development of JK with the care of the governments at all levels; Mr. Qi, standing member of Sheyang County Party Committee and Mr. An Lijun, the General Manager of JK, jointly poured wine into an ice sculpture engraved with “Respect IP Rights”, which embodied the resolution of JK in respecting the IP rights in the progression of rapid development.
The Press Release Held in Nanjing in Celebration of the First Anniversary of JK’s Winning the ITC case as the Sole Chinese Party who Initiatively Interverion Therein
Ms. Chen Xiaomei, Director-General of Jiangsu Department of Commerce, Delivering Speech

Mr. Xu Chao, Secretary of Sheyang County Party Committee, Delivering Speech

Mr. Wu Kun, Chairman Directors of JK,Delivering Speech
 Mr. Wu Kun, Chairman of Directors of JK,Taking Questions of Reporters in the Press Release


Director-General Chen of Jiangsu Department of Commerce, and Secretary Xu of Sheyang County Party Committee Jointly Pouring Wine into JK Logo Statute

Mr. Gu Qiangsheng, Magistrate of Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, Hosting the Press Release


 Mr. An Lijun, General Manager of JK, Taking Questions of Reporters in the Press Release




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