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JK 2010 Annual Awards Ceremony

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-01-19

On January 18 2011, the “2010 JK end of year Awards Ceremony” was hosted by the Board Director Wan Haifeng in the auditorium of JK’s new office building. Except front-line on duty workers, the rest of staff members, including the Beijing sales center had attached the Ceremony.
To begin with, CEO Mr. An Lijun on behalf of JK’s management team expressed sincere gratitude to all employees who have worked hard at various department. Mr. An then made a reported on the current situation of production and operation of JK in the industry in 2010. However, in 2010, JK’s second expansion project was built and put into operation on July 8;     
JK has conducted technological innovation, increased profit margins and expanded its production capacity continuously to ensure normal and smooth production as well as operation; the second expansion project is now fully up to the proposed capacity and the installation of the second set of equipment for the project is under way. In response to the market changes and demands, the company has implemented vertical and horizontal brand strategies to expand shares of its sucralose in the international market. Up to now, the company has completed the most of the setup for the global sales network. The company’s foreign exchange revenue from exports and taxes paid in 2010 grew by 77.63% and 30% respectively compare with last year. These remarkable achievements were attributable to outstanding performance of employees of all under the leadership of the management team.
2011 is a year with “opportunities and challenges, difficulties and hopes for JK.” says CEO Mr. An. JK still has a long way to go and will encounter many difficulties arising out of the new situations. In the New Year of 2011, JK will continuously to work harder towards the designed long-term strategic of reaching production capacity of 4,000 tons, strengthen JK's efforts and inputs in technical renovations while guaranteeing both quality and quantity of JK's production and reduce the manufacturing costs at least 10% lower than in 2010.
Following An Lijun’s speech, Board Director Wan Haifeng had announced the list of teams and individuals who been honored as Outstanding Performance Award of JK, and the management team had gave out pennants, honor certificates and prizes to the winners. However, there were two special awards for Beijing sales center, who won Excellent Performance Awards, and Mr. Ding Zhengyou who won special contribution awards. Subsequently, Mr. Chen Yiwu of the production department and Mr. Zhai Feng delivered speeches on behalf of mid-level managers and outstanding-performed employees respectively.  
At the end, Chairman Mr. Wu Kun had summed up the developments of JK in the past year of all aspects in an objective and impartial way, recognizing the achievements made by employees, and has made some constructive rectification suggestions on the weakness at work. Moreover, Chairman Wu Kun had given out the business plan and guidelines for JK's in 2011. 
JK will continuously to pursue to work on and achieve the world of health and sweetness.

Senior management



The Winners of advanced work

Advanced award-winning department of the collective


Special contribution to individual winners Mr. Ding Zhengyou

  Special contribution to the Department winners  Beijing Sales Center



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