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JK General AN Lijun Be Invited to Attend FR-Round Table Conference

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-04-13

On April 13, 2011, an invitation only roundtable conference themed "Selling to the U.S. Market: What Chinese companies need to know about U.S. Patent Law" was held in Beijing Ritz-Carlton Hotel by Fish & Richardson (hereinafter referred to FR), a US law firm practicing intellectual property strategy and counseling. The conference was designed to provide information to executives at Chinese companies seeking to improve their IP rights in the US, and to gain a competitive advantage through proper management of intellectual property. Mr. An Lijun, CEO of JK Sucralose Inc. as the client of FR was invited to the conference as the only guest speaker to share the JK's experience in successful management on US patent litigation.
FR is a US-based leading global law firm practicing in the areas of intellectual property and litigation. Founded in 1878 in Boston,with an excellent reputation, it covers all business areas which can meet the requirements of various customers including start-up enterprises, multinational corporations, and world-renowned academic and research institutions. FR uses its deep technical and legal expertise, along with strategic business insight, to serve clients who value intellectual property. Six principals from FR, the IPR academic research institutions including Tsinghua University, pharmaceutical companies plagued with intellectual property lawsuits, and several media including China Intellectual Property News, attended the conference.
At the conference, Mr. An Lijun delivered a speech themed "Invest in Law to Promote Innovative Development" to introduce the JK’s innovative concept of "preventive actions mean an investment, and remedial actions mean expenses", which had been adopted before the US ITC-337 investigation, to counter the intellectual property competition through establishing consciousness of investment. JK took full advantage of all resources available to take the initiative in legal proceedings and map out the strategy of "win lawsuit through marketing efforts, and promote marketing development through legal efforts", so as to break the strategic deployment of the rivals and become the only Chinese company voluntarily intervened in and won a US ITC-337 investigation which achieved the marketing development opportunity for at least 20 years.
All guests attending the conference benefited a lot from JK's successful experience in wining lawsuits. Presided over by FR lawyers, Mr. An Lijun had discussion with the attendees after his speech. After the conference, many of respondent companies and legal practitioners came to consult Mr. An Lijun in person. JK also hoped that its experience in wining lawsuit would serve as a model for Chinese enterprises whoever suffering from US intellectual property litigations, to help them strengthen their consciousness of innovation, handle the intellectual property litigations with investment concepts so as to win in the market and the legal proceedings.


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