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JK Beijing Headquarter carried out a three-days training in food science knowledge

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-07-23

From July 23rd to 25th, Beijing Sales Headquarter of JK Sucralose Inc. has organized a developed food science knowledge training for three days. The vice president of Food Science & Technology of Jiangnan University, professor Zhoupeng, who’s also a doctor from Cornell University; and associate professor Zhaowei, the assistant to the president of Food Science & Technology of Jiangnan University were invited to give the lectures. 

Food quality and safety problems is a big concern to the Chinese people, the state had enacted a series of laws and regulations for food safety, to strictly control food quality issues. JK has been always supervise and control its production operating process in strictly accordance with all such laws, regulations and rules on production, quality, environment protection, in order to ensure standards for quality and customer service. JK actively advocates practicing all requirements suggested by Health Supervision Center of Ministry of Health, so JK has developed this training for strengthening the knowledge on relevant law and regulations, such as Food Safety Law, QMS ISO9000, FSMS ISO22000, HACCP, cGMP, SSOP and RQA, SEDEX, BRC and other international certification system, further improving the consciousness of food quality and safety.

The food science knowledge training also includes overview of food chemistry and food processing introduction, development tendency of food additives and special introduction of high sweetener, like sucralose. The Beijing sales team whom participated in the training gets a deeper understanding about food knowledge by learning step by step from the basic theory of food.  JK will continue to increase the investment of environment protection and assume the due social responsibility as being a chemical enterprise.

Professionalism of JK sales team is improved by popularizing and strengthening food knowledge within the unit.  At the same time, JK develops elite team with sense of social responsibility and good industry knowledge. Under perfect quality assurance system, JK will serve customers better, understand their needs, and meet their requirements, to make customers feel satisfactory with high quality services deliver.


 JK Beijing Sales team in the lecture of Professor Zhou Peng


 JK Beijing Sales team with  professor Zhou Peng and Associate Professor Zhao Wei





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