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The Ground Breaking Ceremony of JK Sucralose Inc.’s Phase-3 Project Successfully Held

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-12-23

On October 29, 2011, the Ground Breaking Ceremony of JK Sucralose Inc.’s phase-3 4,000-tons project was grandly held in the Bio-Techno Park, Economic Development Area, Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, thanks to substantial supports from the party committee and government of Sheyang County as well as the management committee of the Economic Development Area.


JK Sucralose Inc. has the principles of “taking market and technology as soul, working capital as guarantee and stable production as foundation to achieve integrated and balanced development” as its operational guidelines ever since its establishment in January 2006. The company has been devoted to maintaining a leading position in terms of technology and market share in the industry, and has been engaged in constant independent innovations to improve R&D capabilities and expand market shares, rapidly growing into the largest professional producer of sucralose in China and second largest one in the world.


Sucralose made from sucrose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose with a similar taste. It is odorless and indissoluble without energy, and is globally recognized as the safest and the most perfect sweetener. Sucralose has been exclusively produced and operated by Tate & Lyle over past several decades, and has been considered as a luxury product by consumers in China and other developing countries due to its high price.


Thanks to the cooperation with and guidance from domestic research institutes, JK Sucralose Inc. seizes market information to independently develop the production process and technology of sucralose, and applies for 10 domestic patents and 4 international patents in succession, breaking the monopoly of sucralose by foreign producers. In the early 2007 when sucralose was produced by some small enterprises with an annual output of 10 tons, Tate & Lyle filed a complaint with ITC-337 Exclusion Order – the highest international trade barrier – in a hope to stifle these enterprises in the cradle. However, JK’s technologies of sucralose were independently developed and innovated, so JK decided to took the initiative to be involved in the ITC-337 Investigation, and finally embraced a victory with expenditures of over 21 million yuan.


As a result, JK got the pass to enter into the global market and won recognitions from global clients. JK’s success was an excellent and strong positive example for Chinese enterprises to rise to the challenge of 337 Complaint. JK had gained high acclaims from executive leaders of the central government, ministries and commissions, and received great attentions from China’s Ministry of Commerce and State Intellectual Property Office. The Science Technology Innovations and Brands appraised the courage and insights of General Manager An Lijun in an article titled “A National Hero Legally Safeguards Proprietary Intellectual Property Right”. General Manager An Lijun was invited to give speeches on international trade and intellectual property right for many times, and JK Sucralose Inc.’s victory of 337 Investigation was listed the first one among the top 10 classical cases of countermeasures for international trade barriers by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.


After initiatively taking part in the ITC-337 Investigation in 2007 and gaining a complete victory in 2009, JK Sucralose Inc. embarked on a road of rapid growth with increasing market shares. The present phase-3 project covers an area of 500 mu and has total investments of 2 billion yuan with a designed and planned production capacity of 4,000 tons per year. The project will be constructed in 6-8 years and will earn annual sales revenues of 3 billion yuan, exchange revenues of US$ 300 million and annual profits of 300 million yuan after being put into production. JK Sucralose Inc. will reach a summit in terms of production capacity, technology and scale in its history after the completion of phase-3 project which will also become a milestone in the development history of similar enterprises in China.



Secretary of country committee, Director of the Standing Committee of Sheyang Country
Mr. Xu Chao haveing a speech

Board Chairman of L.M.Z Ms. Ma Chaomei having a speech


Chairman of the Board of JK Sucralose Inc. Mr. Wu Kun having a speech


the Ground Breaking Ceremony of JK Sucralose Inc.’s phase-3  project




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