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The 5th "11·9" Fire Protection Drill Successfully Held

Author:    Update Time:2011-12-23

The 5th JK Sucralose Inc. Fire Protection Drill themed at “Fire Protection for All, Life First” was held on November 9. This drill was presided over by Vice General Manager Wu Jinshan who stressed the purpose of this activity: it was very necessary to hold an annual fire protection drill so as to effectively prevent and keep vigilant against grave fire accidents, help all staffs have an in-depth understanding of fire protection knowledge, master escape skills in case of fire and emergency and raise the awareness of fire protection, and test the company’s fire management system as well as the combination and effectiveness of relevant emergence response plans.


After participating in a series of fire extinction and escape drills, the staffs better knew how to prevent fire accident and improved their skills of fire extinction, escape and emergency response.


The 5th “11• 9” Fire Protection Drill achieved a grand success thanks to the active participations of all staffs!




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