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Insist on Innovation Development, Establish Industrial Leadership

Author:    Update Time:2012-04-07

Insist on Innovation Development, Establish Industrial Leadership
--the third anniversary of JK winning of US ITC 337 investigation as the first Chinese enterprise participated actively and won the case


On April 7, 2012, before the 12th “World Intellectual Property Day”, the press conference of “Insist on Innovation Development, Establish Industrial Leadership--the third anniversary of JK winning of the US ITC 337 investigation as the first Chinese enterprise participated actively and won the case” was hosted by JK Sucralose Inc. (hereinafter referred to as JK ) in Beijing Temple of Heaven Holiday Inn.


Three years ago, with the new concept of “invest in law to compete abroad”, JK won a thorough victory of the US ITC 337 investigation case by active participation as the first Chinese enterprise, which provided a winning role model and best example of right safeguarding for Chinese enterprises to respond to overseas intellectual property litigations. This case was listed by the State Intellectual Property Office of China as the top of “2009 Ten Classical Intellectual Property Cases”. On one hand, the winning case of JK has curbed overseas industrial tycoons’ dash of overusing “337 Clause”, and on the other hand, JK rise to fame in the world and lifted its international market occupancy rapidly.


Up till now, the Company has established professional direct sale branch in the USA, Europe, Japan and Indian, provided sucralose in over 3,000 products covering food, beverage, dairy, healthcare products, pharmaceutical and daily chemical fields, to more than 70 countries and districts in world’s five continents. The Company has developed as China’s largest and world’s second largest professional sucralose production enterprise, and won honorary titles of “National High-Tech Enterprise”, “Ten Leading Enterprises of Chinese SMEs” and “China’s 100 Brand Enterprises with the Most Potential”.


In today’s world, intellectual property has increasingly become the strategic resources of company development and core elements of international competitiveness. In order to keep a foothold in international market and forge the core competitiveness of the Company, JK insists on putting proprietary intellectual property rights as the pivot of development, pays great attention to and actively promotes independent innovation, introduces talents to construct a high quality talent team, integrates resources, emphasizes on cultivation of own key technology and forges the Company’s sustainable development with Scientific Outlook on Development.


In the last few years, JK owns the most patents in the industry, which has applied for 14 Chinese patents and 4 American patents, and obtained the authorization of 10 Chinese patents and 3 American patents. JK has taken the lead in building 100,000- GMP workshop, introduced pharmaceutical standards into food chemistry production, and successively passed ISO9001、HACCP、GMP、ISO14001、ISO18001、KOSHER、HALAL、BRC、RQA and many other international domestic product certification.


JK also continued to invest in technique improvement, and drove technique transformation and innovation through market to raise the product quality and reduce cost constantly. During the rapid development, JK fully realized that a company could not develop without a safe production environment, and safety in production was the basic guarantee for the survival of a company. JK always hammered at improving all staff’s safety awareness and establishing a safety cultural system to intensify safety production management, establishing a safety culture construction mechanism of “culture introduction, total involvement, normative system, and continuous perfection”. As a result, JK maintained a “ZERO Safety Production Incident” record and was awarded as “Jiangsu Safety Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise”.


To fulfill the increasing demand of sucralose market, JK invested heavily to expand production capacity. A cornerstone laying ceremony of “JK Sweet Technopark” was held in economic development zone of Sheyang on Oct. 29 2011, which was not only as an example of government’s support to technological reform to expand production capacity of similar enterprises but also a pilot project leading the development of food science and technology. The park covers 500 acres with a design long-term planned capacity of 4000 tons, JK planned the investment of RMB 2 billion for the project. When finished, it will realize an annual sales income of RMB 3 billion, taxes of RMB 300 million, and earn foreign exchange of 300 million dollar through export. JK plans to take 35%-40% of market share till 2018-2020 and become the world’s leading enterprise.


The 12th World Intellectual Property Day will come in a few days. The theme of the World Intellectual Property Day this year is “Genius Inventor”. The establishment of the special day is to establish the conscious of respecting knowledge, advocating science and protecting intellectual property worldwide, and create a legal environment for encouraging knowledge innovation and intellectual property protection.


The Chinese government has paid much attention to the protection of intellectual property that it has become a basic national strategy. With the implementation of intellectual property strategy and deeply development of economical globalization, the intensifying protection of intellectual property has become an inevitable choice for all enterprises to develop technology and raise core competitiveness. JK’s experience showed us that we cannot realize sustainable development or strengthen international competitiveness without intellectual property rights protection and continual innovation. JK is making more and more Chinese miracles, based largely on which it is realizing its dream of becoming the world’s industrial leading enterprise in future. 










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