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The 7th Annual International Business Ethnics Conference was held smoothly in UIBE

Author:    Update Time:2011-10-24


 On October 21-22, 2011, the 7th Annual International Business Ethnics Conference was held smoothly in University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). The conference was hosted by the Center for International Business Ethnics of UIBE and the law school of UIBE. It followed the academic purpose to combine theory with practices under the background of globalization, committed itself to the research on business ethnics theory and the discussion on ethnics-related issues in business practices, in order to bridge enterprises and scholars, integrate spirits of Chinese and western old ethnics and apply them in modern enterprises’ practice.

The Conference was hosted by Professor Liu Baocheng, Chief of the Center for International Business Ethnics of UIBE. An Lijun, General Manager of JK Sucralose, participated in this conference and made a speech on “Change investment consciousness, Innovate investment philosophy” in the seminar of corporate governance, compliance and corporate social responsibility.
General Manager An Lijun first introduced about how JK Sucralose actively joined the ITC-337 investigation process. While JK actively participated in international competition, it fully prepared itself with the theory “efforts to get fully prepared mean an investment, while efforts to remedy the situation mean a cost” as its basis for corporate management and market development, and was fully aware that the competition in international trade was competition of intellectual property rights actually. It was proactive in legal process, seized the opportunities and formulated a strategic mode of “market competition before legal fight, and legal fight promotes market competition”, and finally won the success. It is the first Chinese enterprise which participated actively in ITC-337 investigation and won in Sino-US intellectual property right history. In short two years after JK won the suit, it developed rapidly and became the world’s second sucralose manufacturer which set direct selling corporate in the US, Europe, Japan and India. An Lijun expressed that during the rapid development of JK, it has never forget its social responsibilities. JK has fulfilled its social responsibility in terms of environment, social welfare cause, social security system and others to feedback the society and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise.
An Lijun also discussed heatedly with participants on issues like “whether a bigger and stronger Chinese enterprise means the realization of social responsibility?”



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