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JK Held a Commemoration Meeting to Celebrated the Third Anniversary of Implementation of Food Safety

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2012-06-01

On June 1, 2012, JK Sucralose Inc. held a commemoration meeting for the third anniversary of implementation of Food Safety Law at the plant,Yancheng,Jiangsu Province. The attendees present at the meeting included Vice General Manager Mr. Huang Tianqiang, QA Director Mr. An Jianxin, as well as the management personnel and front-line employees at esterification workshop, post-processing workshop, refining-drying-packing workshop and other production workshops. The meeting was presided over by An Jianxin. Vice General Manager Huang Tianqiang and QA Director An Jianxin delivered a speech respectively.

The state has been attaching importance to food safety issue all the time. As early as in 1995, the Food Hygiene Law of the People's Republic of China was promulgated. On this basis, Food Hygiene Law of the People's Republic of China was adopted at the seventh meeting of the eleventh NPC Standing Committee. The law has specified the food safety issues that exist in real life in terms of system. In order to better ensure food safety, it has defined scientific managerial system based on food safety risk monitoring and evaluation and clearly specified the food safety risk evaluation result as a scientific basis to formulate and revise food safety standards and carry out supervision and management over food safety. Food safety involves the public's good health and life security. Since JK Sucralose was established, it has been accurat

ely grasping the legislative purpose and values of Food Safety Law and attaching importance to the work on product quality and food safety. As pointed out at the commemoration meeting, the implementation of Food Safety Law has set a standard for JK. JK has been strictly abiding by the requirements of the Food Safety Law, engaging in management of product quality and safety, profoundly grasping the values of prevention first, scientific management, clearly defining responsibilities and comprehensive control and formed a perfect food safety supervisory system. The company has set up special food safety group, QA team and QC team for supervision and control over the entire production process. Presently, JK Sucralose Inc. has obtained qualification and certification of numerous international famous food enterprises and global suppliers.

In 2012, JK Sucralose Inc. will continue to implement Food Safety Law, extend the consciousness of food safety to the whole process of production,sales and cover the process into each employee of the company. Assurance of food safety starts with the production. As the largest sucralose manufacturer in China, JK Sucralose has been taking "Sweet Solution for a Healthy Life” as its mission and striving to take on the social responsibilities which shall be assumed by a food enterprise.







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