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Legal Investment as Precautions

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2010-10-26

In order to strengthen the Sino-American cooperation in trade and economics, the communication in the field of intellectual property, and enhance the China’s enterprises’ capabilities of preventing and resolving risks in the internationalized operations, the Sino-America 337 Investigations Seminar, cosponsored by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and United States International Trade Commission, was held in Beijing on Oct 26, 2010. Zhongshan, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. Fu Xiaohui, Deputy Director of the Department of Protection and Coordination of State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C, introduced the scheme and performance of the intellectual property rights protection in China.
In recent years, more and more China’s enterprises were involved in the 337 investigations initiated by United States International Trade Commission, stated by Zhongshan Deputy Secretary. Many enterprises, especially the medium-sized and small enterprises, which are restrained by capital reserve and the time limit of response, were at a disadvantage and failed to protect their legitimate rights and interests when facing the 337 investigation. China consistently values the development and protection of intellectual property rights and hopes that both China and America, through the communication among governments, enterprises and legal circles, may improve the understanding and cooperation and help the enterprises from both countries protect their own legitimate rights and interests.
In this seminar, James Lion, the General Legal Advisor of United States International Trade Commission, introduced America’s 337 investigations purpose of legislation and its procedure. Polo Laken, the Chief Permanent Administrative Law Judge of the Commission introduced the adjudication and case of 337 investigations. China’s central government and related departments of the State Council, commercial departments of some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, representatives from relevant trade associations, chambers of commerce, research institutes, law firms, large business and the response enterprises and famous Chinese scholars of intellectual property rights participated in this seminar.
As China’s only enterprise automatically responding to the American 337 investigations and winning the lawsuit, JK Sucralose Inc. was invited by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C as honored guest to publicize its experience. An Lijun, the General Manager, and Wu Jinshan, the Deputy Manager of Production of JK Sucralose Inc. attended this seminar. A speech named Legal Investment as Precautions was given by the General Manager An Lijun, in which he pointed out that as a manufacture country, China would encounter many obstacles under the process of turning Made-in-China into Created-in-China, in the field of foreign trade and especially the intellectual property rights. From the beginning of entering into America’s market, JK was aware that legal battles would be unavoidable in America for the reason that action in law should be a strategy of competition. As JK took the preliminary market invest as an investment and followed the guide that Market Battle Serves for Legal Battle and Legal Battle Pushes Market Battle, it successfully protected itself and the clients’ interests in the lawsuit.
Though it took two years and billions of capital for JK to fight for this lawsuit, JK won this lawsuit and rapidly developed the global market with its innovative and flexible investment conception, becoming the world’s second largest sucralose manufacturer from an unknown small company, with sales network spreading over America, Europe, South Africa, Japan and India.
The Victory of JK Sucralose Inc. shall be contributed to the visionary market strategies instead of chance, which is firstly to take the intellectual property rights as an investment and secondly to take a lawsuit as a poker game valuing the initiation. These strategies of JK can also be learned by China’s foreign trade enterprises. Enterprises should not consider dangerous the lawsuit of intellectual property rights and avoid it to the greatest extent, instead, they should value the development of intellectual property rights, learn to take initiative in the lawsuit by taking advantages of international rules of intellectual property rights and strengthen itself by legal strategy so as to occupying the international market and promote China’s brands.


JK CEO with USITC Judge Paul Luchern


 JK CEO Lijun An make a speech







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