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2011 Intellectual Property Conference of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises was held on June 27- 28 in the National Convention Center

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-06-27

To further implement the strategic disposition of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on intellectual property, to encourage the communication and cooperation among enterprises, research institutes and service agencies in the field of intellectual property rights protection, to strengthen Chinese enterprises’ ability of creating, applying protecting and developing intellectual property rights, and to promote the transformation of intellectual property into achievement, the 2011 Intellectual Property Conference of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises was held on June 27- 28 in the National Convention Center.


The year 2011 is a year of opening of the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, and to promote the intellectual property protection strategy, to strengthen independent innovation and core competence are an important strategic goal in the near future. Thus, JK Sucralose Inc. actively responds to the call of the country, researches and develops independently, to forge its core competence through technical innovation and promote the sustainable development of the company through proprietary intellectual property rights.


Mr. An Lijun, the General Manager of JK has made a speech on “investment regulations and innovative development” as the Vice-chairman of the conference. His speech coordinates with main theme of the conference “protection and application • innovation and creation • proprietary brand - strategic emerging industry and competence of innovation. In his speech, he introduced how JK innovated its investment philosophy, and actively responded to the ITC-337 investigation without being sued and won the case perfectly. The victory of JK made the chief justice of ITC court admire such a bold and proactive Chinese enterprise. JK takes the philosophy that “efforts to get fully prepared mean an investment, while efforts to remedy the situation mean a cost” as its basis of managing the company and developing the market. The strategy helps JK won a huge international market and it booms to be a specialized manufacture of sucralose in the shortest time after the winning suit, ranking the largest sucralose manufacture in China, and the second largest in the world.


JK’s philosophy of protecting intellectual property rights and innovative development has won unanimous praise from the experts participated and enterprises’ principals. During the conference, Mr. An Lijun also discussed with participants on how to improve China’s intellectual property rights and core competence during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, how to promote the strategy of internationalizing intellectual property rights, and how to participate in and response to an intellectual property lawsuit. JK wished to raise Chinese enterprises’ awareness of protecting intellectual property rights through this conference. Only if we realize the importance of protecting intellectual property rights can help Chinese enterprises transform from “Made in China” to “Create in China” step by step.



JK General Manager Mr. AN Lijun had speech at the 2011 Intellectual Property Conference
of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises




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