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Security check

Please enter the anti-counterfeit identification code at the specified location to check the authenticity of the product.
If the product is genuine, the results of the first inquiry will show: "This product is Yancheng Jiekang Sucralose Manufacturing Co., Ltd. For related information, please call +86-10-61136996, or Email: [email protected]";
If the product is a fake or the input is incorrect, "The number you have queried does not exist, please check, beware of counterfeiting";
If the product has been queried, the query result will show "This product security number has been queried N times, beware of counterfeiting, please call +86-10-61136996 for related information.
Or Email: [email protected]"
Enter product anti-counterfeit identification code
How to determine the anti-counterfeit identification code?

JK123456 78910111

In the inner and outer drums of Jiekang products, there are anti-counterfeiting marks as shown below.The 16-digit number below the QR code is the product anti-counterfeiting identification code.
Anti-counterfeiting query
Use the mobile phone to take the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product.Log in to the official website of for enquiries.
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